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What is graphic design?

Creating logos for businesses?
Working with images in Photoshop?
Making newspaper and magazine adverts?
That’s what many people believe a graphic designer does. Many graphic designer do this but it is only a small part of a much bigger canvas.

Take a look around you…Graphic design is everywhere you look.

Do you have a product, a message or slogan you would like other people to remember?

Are you trying to convey an idea or lifestyle?

Well…To get that all important message across you will need graphic design to succeed, from the humble breakfast and the morning cornflakes, the latest useful App on your mobile to the last advert on tv before your retire to your bed your world is filled by the graphic designer.


Solving problems visually is about Graphic design.

To get someone’s attention and also get to the point of what a client is trying to say rely on good graphic designers who uses not only graphics and pictures. A graphic designer also uses text, illustrations, symbols, photography, textures, colours, feedback forms and polls. The¬†graphic designer is essentially a visual problem-solver who works in areas such as branding, packaging, publishing, advertising and digital design.

Your favourite apps, even this website has the hand of a graphic designer promoting the message.

Communication and Graphic design, the perfect partners.

Graphic designs that look great on the page, its the fundamental tool of the graphic designer, but there is more to your skills even before you put finger to mouse, you will need to listen carefully to a clients needs, to interpret their needs, understand what they want to convey, your there to solve these problems. Once you understand the designer in you can get to work using the best of your ability to visually communicate the¬†clients story, product or brand in the most memorable way…… just as they have wished for.

Graphic Designers Visually Communicate

Would You Like To Convey the Message