Your Workplace

What is the workplace of a Graphic Designer like?

Your workplace will be a small office with a desk and a filing cabinet where you can put a photo of your loved ones and a pot holding your coloured crayons.

There will be drawing board for your doodles and a typewriter to compose the words and if if you are extremely lucky you may even have a window…………hang on a minute….that was 1967!

Today in the 21st century, using a laptop, mobile device and or tablet you can work where ever you choose, a beach in the Bahamas springs to mind, if you have wifi  or a dongle and a forward thinking boss, your sorted!

You have a choice, you can work full time, contract or become a consultant working part time to suit your lifestyle.


Whatever you choose, research your chosen Company, update your CV, go prepared. Look smart, jacket and tie with smart trousers if you are male, and something smart but not to dressy if you are female. Remember you can never make another first impression.

Knock their socks of… Good Luck.